The Late Selena Quintanilla PostHumous Lifetime Achievement Award in Grammys 2021

There’s good news for all of Selena Quintanilla fans around the world. The late singer will be honored at the 2021 Grammys with the Lifetime achievement awards. And If you agree with me, we are already crying and touched by this situation.


We will not deny that the 2021 Grammy nominations are totally unexpected. While some folks are okay with the mess, it is hard to make it as joyful as the previous one. Regardless of the situation, we surely will get a lot of excitement from the late Selena Quintanilla posthumous lifetime achievement award.

Back then, The Recording Academy made a surprising announcement about the 2021 SPecial Merit. Those who are living with the music of the legendary singer will surely agree that the Late Selena Quintanilla really deserves the posthumous lifetime achievement award for great reason.

Back in 1994, the late singer won her first Grammy for the best Mexican-American album entitled Selena Live!.

The late popular singer is not the only one who attains it. The other honorees are Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Marilyn Horne, Lionel Hampton, Salt-N-Pepa, as well as Talking Heads. The Special Merit Award honorees event will be much special for those who ever enjoyed the music in these musicians era.

The officials also stated that this special award will give all of the music fans to recognize the influences that these amazing people have given in the music world. No matter what the genre, their music is what has been shaping the modern musical society. Harvey Mason Jr., the recording Academy CEO also stated that it was exciting to look back at the significant influences that these musicians had given. And we cannot deny that their musical impact has been prevalent in our nowaday’s community.

This award for late singer Selena has some factors to trigger. But according to the expert, the most significant factor comes from the debut of the part one of the Selena: The Series which is produced by Netflix. This show is about the documentary of the legendary lady singer fame and stories in the industry. She was tragically killed back in 1995.

Thanks to the unbiased documentary series, it once again raises the fame of the late singer. And in the upcoming 2021 Grammys, we will see the moment of truth of the singer’s achievement. Selena is going to receive the posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award at 2021 Grammys. That’s another reason why you shouldn’t miss to watch the Grammys 2021.